16 April

When Smart People Resist Change

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When Smart People Resist Change “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” This saying captures the culture of many organizations these days as they struggle to reinvent themselves, stay competitive, or grow. Why is this the case, when organizations are filled with smart, successful people? Successful people got where they…

26 March

Leading Partners, Friends and Acquaintances

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Leading Partners, Friends and Acquaintances What’s your number one asset as a leader? Your skills? Your education? Your work experience? None of the above. It is your relational capital, your ability to build strong relationships with a wide range of constituents inside and outside your company. Borrowing from an ecommerce taxonomy, your work relationships can…

13 March

Yahoo: Face Time or FaceTime?

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Yahoo: Face Time or FaceTime? Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer certainly unleashed a brouhaha with her recent telecommuting policy change. Reaction from the business media has been swift and loud. Here’s an excerpt from Yahoo’s HR director’s (leaked) company memo: “To become the absolute best place to work, communication and collaboration will be important, so we…

30 August

Do You Know How To Catch?

When Nik Wallenda crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope recently, the feat itself was overshadowed by Wallenda’s decision to defy the television network and remove his tether at the last minute. His reason:  The Flying Wallendas are not thrill seekers; they are prepared professionals taking reasonable risks. The public’s response to Wallenda’s defiance was not…

19 June

Why isn’t this personal?

We’ve probably all heard the old saying “this isn’t personal, it’s just business”…or some variation on that line. Usually, it’s dragged out when someone is about to be laid off, or a hostile takeover is being launched, or whatever, but the common theme always seems to be that someone is going to get hurt…and that…

1 June

The Healthy Leader – June 2012

What Legacy Will You Create Today? Every day you make a difference. Will it be large or small? Lasting or fleeting? The truth is, you shape your own leadership legacy. And you do it right now. What Great Leaders Know Great leaders are crystal clear about the legacy they want to create. While ordinary leaders…

1 May

The Healthy Leader – May 2012

  Are You Worth Knowing?   * Humans are social animals who depend on interactions with others. To be sustainable and worthwhile, these relationships must be mutually beneficial and grounded in respect. Building strong relationships also requires that you understand the value you bring and how you impact others. Striking a balance between these key…