The Healthy Leader is You, everyone in your team up and down stream, everyone who has a responsibility. Our programs are uniquely developed to address the disruptive factors that challenge our organizations and will forever remain part of our daily life – speed, uncertainty, complexity, technology, competition and globalization.

We don’t just service clients, over 35 years, over 50 countries, we’ve been dedicated to doing better, growing better, sharing better. Our beliefs are deeply held, they have impact every moment of our day.

Who you are drives what you do, so it follows that today’s world requires more evolved people. People enjoying their personal journey of discovery. People redefining the boundaries of work and life. People making the most of an abundance mindset, just like we love to do, everyday. We want people to find fulfillment through knowing and loving themselves. We want those people to each see themselves as Healthy Leaders. For themselves, for those around them, in the workplace, and at home.

Our greatest dream is to be globally celebrated for guiding and growing healthy leaders and organizations who unleash human energy, business potential and evolved societies. To do that, we spend all our time investing our work with the principles we hold dearest.

Join us and grow and develop yourself, your teams and organization as Healthy Leaders.

What makes us unique?

  • Founded on 35 years of research
  • Holistic approach
  • Grounded in real business issues
  • Human psychology to create real change
  • Leadership is for everyone
  • CEO perspective
  • Personal and organizational transformation
  • Creates real results

Moments in time: our Healthy history so far.

The Healthy Leader Program® is fully owned and developed proprietary IP of Healthy Companies International, a global consulting and education company, and available for license and usage, and further articulated development.