Healthy Teams


High performing teams deliberately and proactively attend to three key focal points to drive productivity: why, what and how.

Many leaders focus only on the what and make that the bar of success.

Yet they ignore the key processes that high performing teams utilize in visioning communications, decision-making, conflict resolution, roles and responsibilities, and more.  The how. 

Does your team do this?  Take The Healthy Team™ Assessment for a snapshot of your team’s effectiveness and an indication of the potential vulnerabilities that can hamper the performance of the team.


The program is designed for leaders and their teams at all levels who desire increased productivity and engagement

Leaders who participate in the program learn to influence their teams to:

  • Learn the aspirations and attributes of healthy, high performing teams
  • Apply the lessons from different types of teams to critical team challenges
  • Master the six critical team abilities for leading and participating on teams
  • Practice and apply the key actions for personal
    and team performance
  • Find out where your team is with: • Shared Vision • Healthy Relationships • Collaborative Processes • Agile Execution

Key Elements

  • Six Aspirations of Healthy Teams: Purposeful, Agile, Resilient, Adaptive, Collaborative, High Performing
  • Critical abilities for participating on Healthy Teams: Shared Consciousness, Just Enough Anxiety, Social Flexibility, Spirit of Abundance, Psychological Safety, and Mutual Accountability
  • Action plans for addressing identified opportunities to improve team performance


The Program consists of seven, 60-minute modules, flexible in design, and delivered via:

  • Instructor-led
  • Virtual Instructor-led
  • Certification


  • Leading People (Book)
  • Healthy Teams Assessment, along with supporting resources, tools and tips.

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