Healthy Culture


For years, organizations were built to excel in stable and hierarchical environments.

Now, in a world of diversity, democracy and disruption, these cultures are forced to refresh themselves by holding onto what works and eliminating what doesn’t.

 But how? And what?


The program is designed for all employees – executives, managers, front line supervisors and individual contributors. Healthy cultures are built one person at a time.

Leaders who participate in the program:

  • Learn the six attributes to proactively create and manage their culture for greater productivity
  • Assess and analyze the current state of the culture and identify the Accelerators and Hijackers that will help to create the new culture
  • Apply their learning to create an action plan for themselves, their teams and organizations
  • Will become stronger cultural ambassadors, inside and outside the company

Key elements of the Program

  • Purposeful – who we are
  • Agile – how we organize
  • Resilient – how we thrive
  • Adaptive – how we grow
  • Collaborative – how we work
  • High Performing – how we succeed


The Program is delivered in:

  • Instructor-led workshop
  • Virtual Instructor-led workshop
  • Certifications

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