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Aviation is the safest form of transportation. Yet every time a plane takes off, we feel a little anxious. Wind gusts, passengers, pilots, and weather are just a few of Mother Nature’s manifestations. To best manage these uncertainties, the plane is designed with maximum flex.

It is intentionally built to adjust, adapt, and bend. This is clearly an advantage in the air.
It’s also an advantage in life.

If you decided to live a life that was intentionally agile, what would it look like? You’d accept that everything is changing, evolving, and devolving. You would neither be, nor expect the world to be predictable. You would also accept that change is what we do all the time.

Personal Metamorphosis Happens Every Day

In Webster’s dictionary, transformation is defined as a “dramatic change in form, a kind of metamorphosis.” But transformation is not as big or scary as you may think. And every moment of every day, you are transforming yourself whether you know it or not.

Take the human body, for example. Your 50 to 70 trillion cells are dying and replacing themselves constantly. Your brain cells regenerate when you sleep; your skin cells every two months. In fact, every part of the human body has its own distinct life cycle.

You are literally becoming a new you all the time. So, remind yourself that you are a creature built for change and growth. And it’s not just you that is changing. Everything around you is changing too.

Tips for Embracing Change

  • Change is personal.
    It affects you and everyone else differently, depending on where you sit, your genetics and psychology, and how you view uncertainty and your personal power.
  • Change can be positive or negative.
    The Chinese character for change is made of two parts – “crisis” and “opportunity.”
    The dual nature of the character reflects the reality of transformation.
    Some of us naturally love change and embrace the thrill and opportunity in it.
    Others naturally resist change and view it as disquieting and disruptive.
    Whatever the case, the power to transform lies dormant inside of you.
  • Change is messy and complicated.
    One of the main reasons we get stuck is that we get trapped in our own philosophy about change. Namely, how much personal power we feel to shape our own destiny. And the level of acceptance we have about the uncertainty of life. We must get the balance between our personal power and our acceptance of uncertainty just right or we succumb to becoming a victim, a controller, or a fatalist.
  • Conscious people do it differently.
    They travel into the unknown. They keep the bigger picture in mind, And they recognize the natural impermanence of life. Most importantly, conscious people focus on the present moment because the past is gone, and the future is not here yet.

We truly have the power to transform ourselves and accelerate our potential and performance. We are all Healthy Leaders and the power of change lies within each of us.


Change Your Relationship to Change is a module in The Healthy Leader, Healthy & Conscious eLearning for Leadership Development at all levels of an enterprise.


About the Author

Bob Rosen, Ph.D.

Bob Rosen, Ph.D.

Bob Rosen is founder and CEO of The Healthy Leader and author of 8 best-selling leadership books, including Grounded: How Leaders Stay Rooted in an Uncertain World, a New York Times bestseller, and Conscious: The Power of Awareness in Business and Life, a Washington Post bestseller. At The Healthy Leader, we help develop leaders at all levels to improve their health, well-being, potential and performance.


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