16 May

May 16, 2014 – Grounded Leader of the Week – Virginia Rometty

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Key Lesson: Leadership is a hard job, potentially hazardous to your health. Manage your energy wisely. IBM is one of the world’s most powerful and most experienced technology vendors — and has managed to stay a top player in the turbulent tech world for decades. This week’s Grounded Leader is credited with spearheading IBM’s growth…

1 May

Listen to Your Body, It’s Telling You the Truth!

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When you think about physical health, your first thought is likely about your physique. I’d like to be thinner, I’d like to be beefier, I want to have a toned mid-section. These are common phrases we hear and frequently conveyed messages in today’s media. But physical health isn’t all about your outward appearance – in…

4 March

House of Cards Frank Underwood’s Healthy Leadership

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Our offices sit directly across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.. Much of our view is just like the opening sequence of the Netflix original hit series, House of Cards. This American political drama series is filled with back-stabbing leadership moves and intrigue. We thought it would be interesting to see if we could find…

7 January

Downton Abbey Leadership Lessons

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Americans have an enduring taste for PBS’ Downton Abbey. This past Sunday was the premiere of Season 4.  Trending everywhere on social media, the British period drama TV series depicts the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants in the post-Edwardian era.  The show’s timing reflects the growing interest in the great events…