Downton Abbey Leadership Lessons

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Americans have an enduring taste for PBS’ Downton Abbey. This past Sunday was the premiere of Season 4.  Trending everywhere on social media, the British period drama TV series depicts the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants in the post-Edwardian era.  The show’s timing reflects the growing interest in the great events in history at that time.  2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War.

Although it is a prime time entertainment drama/soap opera and not a prestigious MBA school, The Healthy Leader recognizes a good teacher when we see one.  We are following the leadership lessons that can be learned from the story and the characters.


Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you don’t want to think about leadership when next watching Downton Abbey.

Leadership Crisis

Season 4 starts out with a huge leadership crisis at Downton Abbey.  The sudden death of a strong, progressive leader coupled with no clear succession planning has the great house occupants awash in grief and anxiety and unnerved about their future.  Who will provide leadership?

The Healthy Leader Model

There are signs of healthy leadership upstairs and downstairs at Downton Abbey.

Intellectual Health

brransonsybilTom Branson‘s character continues to demonstrate paradoxical thinking, an adaptive mindset and a deep curiosity to improve himself while pushing for the improvement of  the estate. At a time of class struggle and political tension between the Irish and English, his ability to adapt to changing conditions, solve problems and recover from setbacks shows his intellectual health.

How is your Intellectual Health? Find out by taking the Healthy Leader Assessment – Intellectual Health.


Social Health

HughesS3Mrs. Hughes, Downton’s housekeeper, is no busy body. Her recent transgression of reading Carson’s mail came from a place of authenticity,  a focus on mutually rewarding relationships and opting to do the right thing (even if breaking etiquette rules). She has the confidence to be who she wants to be in her relationship with Carson, a sign of a socially healthy leader.

How is your Social Health? Find out by taking the Healthy Leader Assessment – Social Health.


Vocational Health

daisy-mixerThe kitchen maid, Daisy, is committed to her career and displays a drive to succeed. Her ability to tap into a personal calling that reflects who she is and what she wants to be.  In the season premiere, we see Daisy using an electric mixer much to the awe and concern of her peers. Learning and mastering new technologies, new ideas, are part of vocational health.

How is your Vocational Health? Find out by taking the Healthy Leader Assessment – Vocational Health.


Spiritual Health


Isobel Crawley sets aside her grief over the loss of her son, Matthew, and displays a generosity of spirit towards others.  A healthy leader uses her spiritual health to recognize a higher purpose, something more meaningful than her personal needs to live with gratitude and generosity.

How is your Spiritual Health? Find out by taking the Healthy Leader Assessment – Spiritual Health.


Emotional Health

download (1)Lady Edith Crawley has clearly showed her strength and resilience.  While early in the series Edith was portrayed as the forgotten sister, she is proving to be the series character most able to deal with the new world order and leave her mark as a modern woman.  Her self-awareness and positive emotions helps her change and adapt.

How is your Emotional Health? Find out by taking the Healthy Leader Assessment – Emotional Health.


Physical Health

download (2)Undeniably, the most loved Downton character is Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess. Incredibly practical for being of the aristocratic “old world,” the Dowager understands that how you live gives you the agility and stamina to respond to all that’s coming at you.  Body/mind awareness, energy management and peak performance lifestyle comprise physical health. The Dowager’s long life and influence on others makes others listen, evidenced by how she helps Mary get back to life and run the estate.

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