27 August

August 28, 2013 – Martin Luther King

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httpv://youtu.be/HRIF4_WzU1w Keeping the Dream Alive Fifty years ago, on August 28th, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968) delivered his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. A man of deep principle, Dr. King personifies being a healthy leader in many ways. Deep self awareness, a life of positive emotions,…

19 August

Advertisers Teach Leadership

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Some of the most creative people work in advertising and they often poke fun or highlight corporate America to make a point or sell a product. I happen to think Ally Bank’s advertising agency has generated some funny and thoughtful commercials that can help leaders and managers reflect on their performance and skills. Here’s one…

15 August

Drive to Succeed (Without Crashing)

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  Steve Jobs had an uncompromising drive toward excellence. Our CEO Bob Rosen speaks in detail about Jobs as a leader in his upcoming book, Grounded: how leaders stay rooted in an uncertain world.  Job’s leadership, specifically his vocational health, was so extraordinary he transformed seven different industries – from personal computers and animated movies…

2 August

Monday Morning Mantra

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Monday Morning Mantra It’s far more than an alliteration. It could be your career changer.Things have and will continue to change so rapidly that prevailing wisdom today won’t necessarily translate into the future.  For example, over the past twenty years, we’ve heard that the place to be, career-wise, is information technology. That’s where all the good jobs would…