Rick Auman



Chief Learning Experience Officer

As our Chief Learning Experience Officer, Rick is responsible for  the delivery of The Healthy Leader Progams, including leadership development, executive coaching and advisory services. He works with clients and our senior team members to assist top-level executives with organization-wide change management, strategic planning, and critical leadership issues. With a passion for what it means to be a good leader, Rick understands the impact leaders have on their organizations, both good and bad. He knows that when leaders have clearly articulated values and vision, behave consistently, and pay attention to the people side of the businesses, their companies soar.

His ability to support executives at all levels in thinking and acting more strategically, and his awareness of the importance of guiding people through change, enable Rick to make a difference in people’s lives. On the professional side, he has helped leaders raise revenues, increase operating margins, address quality issues, reduce costs, and maintain productivity. On the personal side, he has helped people improve their skills, achieve balance in their lives, and resolve family issues.  In addition, with over 25 years of experience in many aspects of strategic organizational development, Rick has provided executive assessment and coaching on the role of global leaders, facilitating systematic organization-wide change, strategic planning, building high performance teams and effective work relationships.

He has designed and facilitated a wide range of leadership development activities to help leaders learn to operate more effectively across a broad spectrum of environments. His focus on action learning and collaborative processes for resolving conflict contributes to the achievement of organizational goals and objectives, and promotes the active engagement of key stakeholders in the change process, reducing the risks and obstacles to effective change. He has coached global leaders to deal with issues of diversity, strategy and leadership for multi-cultural organizations. His clients include Northrup Grumman, DynCorp International, Patron Spirits International and Gambro Healthcare International.  Rick received his M.S. in Organization Development, with distinction, from American University/National Training Laboratories, and his B.S. in Business Administration from Pennsylvania State University.



The Healthy Leader® has spent the last three decades studying and advising executives, their teams and organizations around the world. Our speakers are thought leaders and have a passion for the human side of business. They coach CEOs, accountants, physicians, nurses and sales people to be effective leaders.

Each event, whether it is a webinar, an off-site meeting, a keynote presentation, or a workshop, is carefully crafted to work with your agenda or event theme. 

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