Jim Mathews




In his role as Vice Chairman, Jim is one of our most sought-after leadership advisers and consultants. He partners with top leaders to assess and develop executive team leadership capabilities and clarify their vision and values and is at the forefront of our leadership consulting and advisory services. He then integrates business and human capital strategies to guide them through culture change initiatives. Back at the office, Jim helps interpret client needs and experiences to develop and implement the company’s business strategy, as well as create new client-centered products and offerings.

At the heart of Jim’s work is his belief in learning and growth, as well as his drive to build healthy, transparent relationships. He is a caring listener and leadership adviser, helping clients develop critical skills, step into new leadership roles, and strengthen their relationships with employees. He has worked with top leaders at New York Life, Cigna, MedStar Health, and ING. Jim also sets high standards for himself and enjoys being challenged to learn more and give his best. His conviction that intelligent, passionate, and deeply caring individuals can “move mountains” together is evident in all of his work. Jim’s people-based and results-based business perspective come from his 20 years working in banking finance at Citigroup and 10 years running his own leadership consulting business.

In addition to his client responsibilities, he has helped lead The Healthy Leader team responsible for developing the company’s landmark “Grounded and Conscious Leadership Experience”, a highly interactive virtual and instructor-led set of leadership offerings that enable leaders to deepen the ability and awareness to more effectively navigate through today’s challenging times.

He joined THL in 1997 after devoting several years to his music. An accomplished musician and composer, Jim applies his understanding of the challenges and untapped potential inherent in the creative process to his work with top leaders. His unique ability to balance discipline and imagination enables him to allow the best ideas to emerge. Jim holds a B.A. in Economics and Philosophy from Washington & Lee University. He loves to read, study classical music, and travel. He is also an avid swimmer.



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