19 July

Is Success Your Drug of Choice?

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What does attachment to success look like? It’s the people who preach to everyone about all of their accomplishments, the neighbors who get sucked into “keeping up with the Joneses” and the person at work who can’t wait to tell her colleagues that she just got a bonus. Maybe it’s the father who brags about […]

11 July

Travel Light – Leave Your Bags at Home

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Are you stuck in the past or worried about the future? These are only two of the many attachments people carry with them when they are moving too fast without being conscious. It’s like dragging around a suitcase full of bricks. These negative attachments only keep you from reaching your potential – it’s just old […]

5 July

Discomfort is the New Immunization

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Don’t shy away from the heat of discomfort.  Like physical pain, discomfort alerts you to things in your life that need to be changed, accepted, or avoided.  Make friends with discomfort, it will help you be more agile and resilient in your work and home life. If a machine could inoculate you from discomfort, would […]

25 June

Can You See the Alligator in the Tree?

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In the new economy, survival instincts sometimes keep us stuck and slow us down.  Our world is changing faster than our ability to adapt. Conscious people and conscious leaders use their executive brains to navigate the murky waters of uncertainty. For centuries, scientists believed that the ability to climb trees was a trait extinct in today’s […]

20 June

Change is the Rule

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Whether we realize it or not, change is the only reliable constant in modern life.  Change is the rule and adaptation is the key to survival. The world is changing faster than our ability to adapt. Being conscious is how you thrive in a world of change.  Healthy Companies CEO Bob Rosen describes the power of […]

14 June

Who is that Person in the Mirror?

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“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”  In Snow White, Grimm’s famous fairy tale, the Magic Mirror never lies – much to the Queen’s great displeasure. But in real life, there is no such thing as a magic mirror and our mirrors don’t always tell the truth. When we look at […]

4 June

How to Bounce Back from Adversity

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After talking to hundreds of CEOs in dozens of countries, there is one fundamental truth that stands out for me. There is no such thing as stability; the only constant is change and uncertainty. Great leaders must learn two lessons that are critical to their success in life and business: First, embrace the reality of […]

1 June

Lessons in Cultural Literacy

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I still remember my first trip to Japan. Surrounded by the signs and sounds of Japanese, I felt utterly lost. Unable to decipher even the most basic information in restaurants and on city streets, I retreated into myself. It was hard to stretch into unfamiliar territory. When I asked questions, people reacted in ways I […]

28 May

The Power of Showing Your True Self

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“Who are you, really?” When I ask this question, I’m usually greeted with confusion from my clients and colleagues. “What do you mean?” is often their first response. What I mean is, “what parts of yourself do you sacrifice to maintain the carefully crafted façade of a perfect leader, employee or person?” Understanding lights in […]

25 May

How to Master Body-Mind Awareness to Improve Performance

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When you think about physical health, your first thought is likely about your physique. I’d like to be thinner, I’d like to be beefier, I want to have a toned mid-section. These are common phrases we hear and frequently conveyed messages in today’s media. But physical health isn’t all about your outward appearance – in […]