October 4, 2013 – Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman

Posted by on Oct 4, 2013

This week’s Grounded Leader of the Week is Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman. The iconic business leader’s transformation from extreme workaholic to balanced business leader and philanthropist is praiseworthy as a Grounded Leader. Gates’ path to a higher purpose, global connectedness and generosity of spirit is well documented especially since leaving Microsoft as CEO. Passion for his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pretty much resonates in all he does publicly today.

In this recent appearance at Harvard, Gates answers facetious questions from the interviewer in a lighthearted way, sharing his experiences as a Harvard dropout, his successes and his failures.  One particularly interesting failure he talks about is CTRL-ALT-DEL, the three key combination that is part of Windows lore. For his persistent efforts to put leadership into action, to look outside himself and beyond his own personal success and live with gratitude and generosity, BILL GATES is this week’s Grounded Leader of the Week.

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  1. Gloria Brooner MPM,MPA
    September 16, 2014

    I am studying for doctoral degree. –I am earning what leadership looks like. I am impressed with Bill Gates example of leadership and philanthropic operations around the world. I have the same heart. Keep up the Good work..
    I pray for you as you are used by God to delivery justice to the oppressed peoples! I know what it feels like to live in poverty unfortunatley. I am a student at Walden University— DBA canidate for Business Admin. in Global Supply Chain. I am born in Trenton NJ ( Urban student) I am an EOF program receipient at Rutger University 87-92. I have my recent PM degree from Keller ( Devry University). I also have a MPA degree concentrate in Healthcare service in 2011. I am new and feel like an amatuer. I envision myself to do greater things than work at job but to have my own foundations and businesses. Have a great day of production and making a pernament difference in the world we live in Mr Gates! I am a contractor now until I go to the next level on my journey to success.

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