Case Study – MedStar Health

case study - medstar health

The Healthy Leader Accelerates Growth and Success of MedStar Health

The Challenge

MedStar Health is the largest healthcare system serving the Baltimore/Washington corridor. With 6.5 B in revenues, 10 hospitals (including Georgetown University Hospital and Washington Hospital Center), 400 locations and 35k employees, it is the predominant health care provider in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

Our relationship began in 2005 when the company was $2.5B in revenues and 20k associates. Key challenges included:

  1. A rapidly changing, unpredictable industry where the business model was already starting to shift from hospital centric to a distributed care delivery model
  2. Move from a collection of 10 hospitals to an integrated delivery system
  3. Narrow operating margin characteristic of hospital systems in the U.S.
  4. Moderate engagement scores across all employees
  5. High turnover particularly at the lower ranks
  6. Vulnerable leadership pipeline looking out five years

The Solution

CEO Ken Samet and his executive team engaged us to:

  • Co-develop and execute their whole leadership development strategy
  • Facilitate development of a refreshed Vision and Values for the organization
  • Co-develop their Leader of the Future Competency Model linked to their new business strategy
  • Work with their OD team to co-design and deliver a four-day MedStar Leader of the Future program to all 4 thousand managers across the organization with tools to reinforce ongoing personal development and learning
  • Co-design and deliver a high potential Physician LD program to two cohorts of 25 leaders over 18 months each
  • Provide executive coaching to the CEO, executive team members plus over 30 business unit leaders across the enterprise


The company has thrived over the sixteen years we have been in partnership.

  • Revenues have more than doubled to $6.5B
  • Operating margin has doubled despite continuing industry and societal pressures
  • Mid level managers have grown from 2000 to 3,500 to support the growth
  • Engagement scores have continued to rise over the period
  • Leadership capabilities of physicians and administrative heads have continued to expand producing a robust leadership pipeline for the company
We continue to provide strategic input to the CEO and executive leaders, coaching 40 plus leaders across the company and working with leadership teams across the company as they evolve their business strategy and leadership model to sustain exemplary performance as one of the leadership healthcare systems in the U.S.