November 8, 2013 Grounded Leader of the Week

Posted by on Nov 8, 2013

Chris Christie
Life is dynamic, so by nature, leadership is dynamic. We are all works in progress. At any given time, a snapshot can reveal elements of a Grounded Leader. That best describes this week’s Grounded Leader: Governor Chris Christie.

The victory speech he gave this week was presidential. Even though he was celebrating his reelection as New Jersey’s Governor, his ambitions are clearly higher. Christie’s speech hit on several Grounded Leader themes:

Physical health: His commitment to his own health, to losing weight. [Time’s Christie cover story entitled ‘The Elephant in the Room”  got bloggers and vloggers buzzing.

Emotional health:  Appeal to people’s positive emotions,  hope and optimism for a better New Jersey;  need for resilience and the ability to bounce back.

Social health: Authenticity, being true to ourselves while building nourishing communities.

Intellectual health: Admitted he didn’t have all the answers.

Ultimately, Christie’s victory speech was about leadership by a leader who demonstrated his “groundedness” in that moment. This is why Chris Christie is our Grounded Leader of the Week.

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