Build a Shared Consciousness

Posted by on Dec 6, 2018

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We all have a yearning for belonging.  Being part of a community makes us feel good.  We are simply happier and more productive when we are part of a group.  But how does it feel to be “connected” to everyone and no one at the same time? Our digital world is full of disconnection, loneliness, alienation, and polarization.

What can we do to build shared consciousness?  Three key tactics:

  • Show up and be real. As leaders, our emotions are contagious.  Leadership is a connection, an opportunity to tap into the heads and hearts of people. Being your real self means you share your thoughts and feelings and have the courage to express yourself psychologically. Sharing increases trust and accountability. Authenticity, transparency, and consistency allow us to be real.
  • Make and keep commitments. Trust is the cornerstone of every great family, team, and organization. Trust is fragile and can be lost in a moment’s thoughtlessness. Making and keeping commitments is the currency with which we build shared consciousness. Be credible, dependable, predictable and always be emotionally safe.
  • Make ‘we’ your highest priority. Did you know studies have found that people who use the word “I” are at a higher risk of heart attack? Self-absorbed and self-centered people struggle to put themselves in other people’s shoes.  This lack of empathy alienates friends, employees, and customers.  Ask more questions and make the team’s success your focus.

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Saving Lives with a Shared Conscience

In researching our book “Conscious: The Power of Awareness in Business and Life,” we came across the inspiring story of a Brazilian football (soccer) team, club Reclife. Brazil had long suffered from a culture that had a large refusal rate for organ donation. The soccer club decided to use its power for the greater good.  They launched an appeal to their city and their fans.  The ask was for fans to promise to donate their organs after they die so that their love for the club could live on in someone else’s body. The ad campaign featured Recife’s fans awaiting transplants of corneas, lungs, and hearts from organ donors.

The campaign worked and helped solve one of the biggest barriers to organ donation in Brazil and overall, donations increased by 54% in a year! The shared consciousness of the team was contagious and deepened the shared consciousness of the community, ultimately saving lives.

What are the business outcomes of Shared Consciousness?

  • Transparency in sharing information
  • Authenticity and genuine relationships built on trust
  • Common goals, both personal and organizational
  • Higher purpose and values

Build a Shared Consciousness is a strategy in the Step Up practice in our book CONSCIOUS: The Power of Awareness in Business and Life. The other practices are Go Deep, Think Big, and Get Real.


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