Speaking Capabilities

Healthy Companies has spent the last three decades studying and advising executives, their teams and organizations around the world. We have learned that the most effective people in the world are masters of personal and organizational transformation. They have honed their ability to learn faster, create smarter, and collaborate deeper, making them masters of adaptation. We believe that the most relevant message for leading other people is being Grounded® and Conscious—the essential tool for success in your business and life. Conscious people bring their best selves to the table and challenge others to redefine what it means to be successful. Our speakers live their motto: “Changing The World One Leader At A Time.” They are thought leaders and have a passion for the human side of business. They coach CEOs, accountants, physicians, nurses and sales people to be their best selves and to be effective leaders.

“Bob did a terrific job yesterday as keynote speaker for our Leadership Conference in Dublin, Ireland. His remarks really resonated with the group. I appreciated the way he customized his remarks to Terex and tied into our Success Model and initiatives. He gave the group a lot of food for thought!” — Amy George, Chief Talent and Diversity Officer, Terex

Each event whether it is a webinar, an off-site meeting, a keynote presentation, or a workshop, is carefully crafted to work with your agenda or event theme. Prior to the engagement, HCI can conduct pre-event interviews with key stakeholders to ensure your leadership and success models are woven into the presentation and your goals for the event are met and exceeded! If time allows, interactive activities for participants and individual audience polling can also be included. Healthy Companies offers follow-up learning that can be customized to your event message and delivered over time to audience participants following an event. With the much anticipated launch of Bob Rosen’s upcoming book Conscious; The Power of Awareness in Business and Life this summer, audiences have the opportunity to hear Bob speak, receive a book, and participate in a book-signing event.

  • “Our world is skidding towards a new economic and social era where the cost of unaware people is too high to pay. We need to wake up. To grasp the true meaning of being Conscious, you are going to have to Go Deep and discover your inner world; Think Big to see a world of possibilities; Get Real to be more honest and intentional in leadership and life; and Step Up to your highest potential.”

    Bob Rosen, Ph.D. | New York Times bestselling author of Grounded and soon to be published Conscious: The Power of Awareness in Business and Life