The Healthy Leader – June 2012

Posted by on Jun 1, 2012

What Legacy Will You Create Today?

Every day you make a difference. Will it be large or small? Lasting or fleeting? The truth is, you shape your own leadership legacy. And you do it right now.

What Great Leaders Know

Great leaders are crystal clear about the legacy they want to create. While ordinary leaders tend to defer thinking about their legacy until they approach retirement, great leaders dedicate every day of their careers to building significant, enduring value they can leave to their organizations, customers, communities and colleagues.

Building your leadership legacy starts with three crucial questions:

  • Who am I? What are my core values? What key experiences shaped me?
  • What is my purpose? What unique, lasting contribution am I meant to make?
  • How do I show up? Will my actions today make my legacy more real? Am I being the leader I aspire to be

Will you make a difference?

Without the driving force of legacy, your efforts will dissipate into a series of loosely joined initiatives. Time goes by fast. Don’t wait another day to consciously craft your leadership legacy.

Ask yourself…

  • Do I work with a long term perspective? Or mostly race the clock?
  • How clearly have I defined the difference I intend to make in this world?
  • What am I doing right now to create the legacy I want?

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“Any CEO worth his salt is only there because he gives a damn about his business and his people, and about serving customers well. That’s much more important than any remuneration you’ll ever get. It’s the legacy you leave.”

— Jim Wainscott
    Chairman & CEO,
    AK Steel Holding Corporation

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