The Healthy Leader – January 2011

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Who’s Running Your Life?

2010 was a year filled with angst and turmoil. Were you able to focus on what is truly important? Or were you mostly just reacting to the relentless stream of problems and demands?

What Great Leaders Know

Great leaders know that self-reflection is a key to charging hard into the future with clarity and urgency. Self-awareness helps you play to your strengths, compensate for your weaknesses, manage your emotions and get things done. You’ll be more cognizant of what is going on within and around you. You will be a better leader.

Control Your Destiny:

  • Decide what matters. Get very clear. Write it down.
  • Know your strengths and vulnerabilities. Assess yourself in the context of what is important.
  • Make conscious investments. Be doggedly intentional. Stretch in pursuit of your true purpose.

What will you see?

Envision all that this year might bring. Look within, decide what you value, then consciously choose your path.

Ask yourself…

  • Do I take time to be self-reflective?
  • What am I trying to accomplish in my life and work?
  • How will I make the most of the coming week, month, and year?

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Read a complimentary Healthy Companies Classic, Be a Concious Leader, with Sidney Taurel of Eli Lilly.

“In my opinion, 99 percent of us are just racing around, not really taking the time to think. Most people get to the end of the week and say, ‘Boy, that went by fast!’ I approach it a different way. At the beginning of each week, I ask myself ‘What do I want to do with these 168 hours?’”

— Harry Kraemer

CEO, Baxter International,


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