Bob is a trusted CEO adviser, organizational psychologist, and bestselling author. He has long been on a mission to transform the world of business, one leader at a time. Bob founded Healthy Companies International thirty years ago with the singular goal of helping executives achieve their leadership potential. With support from a multiyear grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Bob and his colleagues began an in-depth study ofleadership. Since then, he has personally interviewed more than 500 CEOs—in fifty-fivecountries—in organizations as diverse as Ford, Motorola, Johnson & Johnson, Singapore Airlines, Brinks, Northrop Grumman, Toyota, Citigroup, PepsiCo, ING, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has become an adviser to many of these companies.

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The Healthy LeaderSix Roots of Effective Leadership

In this popular keynote, Bob explores the six dimensions of a Healthy Leader: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, vocational and spiritual — and connects these dimensions to the forces of disruption we all face in today’s marketplace. Bob illustrates how our response to disruption can translate into our competitive advantage.

Leading Conscious Change, Accelerators and Hijackers

Most change efforts fail — and often these failures are driven by unconscious personal and organizational hijackers. In this interactive speech, Bob unveils the Why, What, and How of Leading Conscious Change. By leveraging accelerators and avoiding hijackers, participants are able to transform themselves and their organizations.

Grounded® & Conscious, The Power of Self Awareness

At a time when the world is disruptive, polarizing and accelerating, we need grounded and conscious leaders from all walks of life who can navigate into the future.  Grounded is the foundation and conscious is the accelerator. Conscious, aware, awake people bring their best selves to the table, and challenge others to redefine what it means to be successful.

Conscious, The Power of Awareness in Business and Life

The cost of unaware people is too high to pay. Especially when the antidote, becoming more conscious, costs little but returns exponentially. Bob unveils four powerful lessons for how to put your conscious mind to work: Go Deep, Think Big, Get Real, and Step Up.

WANTED: Healthy Leaders

Great leaders are great people. It starts with who they are—their beliefs, their values, their aspirations, their commitment to a higher purpose—and making a difference in their organizations and in the world. This session will focus on the Healthy Leader model that will allow you to see yourself through six different prisms: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Vocational, and Spiritual Health.

How and Why to Make Business Personal

I have a radical proposition to make: all business is personal. Whether you are calling a customer, running a meeting, presenting to your board or having a performance discussion, the impact on yourself and others is a deeply personal one. In fact, everything you do in business affects who you are and your relationships with…

Lead with Toughness and Tenderness

Have you ever found yourself working your butt off and not accomplishing what you want? Revenue growth is slower than you would like. Clients and customers are not closing deals fast enough. New products are slow in the making. Bonuses look slimmer than last year. How do you make sense of all this? Shouldn’t there…

Why We Should Humanize Our Leaders

Many of us tend to see our leaders as heroes or villains. We love them or hate them, idolize or demonize them, in much the same way as the press portrays our presidents. But this conception of leaders as larger than life, as the organization’s Big Brain, undermines leaders and followers alike. It puts tremendous…

Focus on Values, Leadership and Culture for Business Success

Everyone is looking for the secret sauce to success. I have personally spent the past thirty years traveling around the world searching for the recipe. Though I can’t say that I’ve found the leadership equivalent of the Holy Grail, I have noticed that the most successful leaders among us have a very distinct way of…

Three Steps to Developing a Growth Mindset

Everywhere I go these days, business is getting easier AND more complicated. We have access to more information, seemingly unlimited resources and opportunities to succeed. Yet there are more choices, competition comes from everywhere, and it’s tougher to focus and prioritize getting the work done. The world is simply getting more complex. Fortunately, our brains…

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