Since founding Healthy Companies more than 30 years ago, Bob Rosen has led the way with his groundbreaking books and publications. Based on our original research as well as insights gleaned from working with both clients and colleagues in academia, our library of publications illuminate the timeless challenges of change, leadership, growth and globalization.

Tomorrow’s organizations will require different kinds of leaders in the future – people who know how to transform themselves, their teams, and the organization.

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Organizations that master the human side of business have a strong competitive advantage. By developing Grounded and Conscious leaders, they stay agile, adaptive and resilient. They simply lead differently.

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“This book is outstanding. Well-timed in today’s environment. Conscious will help people in all walks of life adapt and thrive in the age of acceleration. We need change leaders everywhere. — Brian Cornell, Chairman and CEO, Target

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Transformational Leaders master the ability to lead others through the constant change we all face in today’s technology-driven world. Like never before, we need leaders at all levels of the organization to drive engagement, growth, innovation, and profitability.

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This FREE 56-page e-book by New York Times Bestselling Author and CEO advisor Bob Rosen includes compelling stories and powerful insights from some of today’s most respected global leaders

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“Grounded® reminds us how important it is to balance every piece of our lives — personal, spiritual, family, work, exercise, and more — into one life, which becomes our life’s work. Thank you, Bob, for helping leaders to be their best!” — Alan Mulally, CEO Ford Motor Company

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“I love this book. Great advice – built on thorough research – involving many of the world’s best leaders.” — Marshall Goldsmith, Leadership Coach and Author

“A radical, totally original book on how to create and sustain organic organizational growth. A must read…” — Warren Bennis, Professor of Business and Author

“A fascinating insight into the mindsetting perceptions and perspectives of the movers and shakers of the global economy. An invaluable tool for understanding the trends which are shaping our economic future.” — Claude Smadja, Former Managing Director of the World Economic Forum

“A true masterpiece and must-read for everyone who is concerned about having a healthy company. Chock full of strategies and ideas.” — Bruce A. Mueller, PhD, Former Vice President of Motorola

“Leading People is an impressive publication that provides the reader with the opportunity to learn from the personal principles and operating philosophies of some of America’s most successful personalities.” — Stanley C. Gault, Former CEO of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company