Tapping into the wisdom of the world’s best leaders

At Healthy Companies, our mission is to transform the world one leader at a time. Founded by Dr. Robert
Rosen in 1988, and bolstered by a multi-year grant from the MacArthur Foundation in 1990, we began
conducting extensive research into the characteristics of successful CEOs and the healthy companies they
lead. Since then, Healthy Companies has collaborated with hundreds of CEOs and executives from over 40

Our client and research partners have included, among many others, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Booz Allen
Hamilton, ING Group, Macy’s, MedStar Health, New York Life, Northrop Grumman, Singapore Airlines,
Toyota and SAIC. Based on our work with these organizations, we have built an extensive knowledge base of
leadership best practices and have developed a wide array of consulting services grounded in our research.
Our findings have also been published in a number of highly acclaimed books: The Healthy Company (1991),
Leading People (1996), Global Literacies (2000), Just Enough Anxiety (2008), The Catalyst (2009), and Grounded (2013).

Healthy Companies has become a global thought leader on CEO and executive leadership and human capital
strategies that lead to the creation of great organizations. Through our executive coaching, performance-oriented
learning and development programs, and consulting services, we help CEOs and executive teams
articulate and execute their strategic initiatives. As part of our mission to transform the world one leader at
a time, we strive to support executives as they build companies that are profitable, sustainable and healthy.

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