Transformational Leadership Series

With our 25 years of research and practice advising executives and managers around the world, Healthy Companies has learned that the best leaders at all levels are masters of both personal and organizational transformation. Our Transformational Leadership Series helps to develop the internal and external skills that enable leaders to operate effectively in an increasingly disruptive and accelerating environment.

Transformational Leadership builds the capacity for dealing with the disruptive forces facing business today – speed, uncertainty, complexity, technology, competition and globalization. It is this leadership skillset that enables leaders to be agile and adaptive, ambidextrous and confident change leaders.

By changing mindsets, relationships and environments, transformational leaders master six capabilities:

Grounded® – Staying Rooted in an Uncertain World: Leaders who learn to stay grounded by the six roots of personal leadership – physical, emotional, intellectual, social, vocational, and spiritual roots. Grounded leadership is the foundation for living and leading in a frenetic world.

Conscious – The Power of Awareness in Action: Leaders who continually adapt and change as they leverage their human accelerators and manage their personal hijackers. These are the crucial drivers in leading any initiative. Conscious leadership is the accelerant for personal change in a disruptive world.

Unleashing Teams – For optimum performance: Master connectors of people and technology who use authenticity and collaboration to build powerful networks, shared enterprises, and sustainable ecosystems. Team leadership is the inspiration for collective leadership in a connective world.

Navigating Change – For thriving in volatility: Strong change catalysts who navigate the unknown by liberating and energizing people to make faster, more adaptive decisions. Change leadership is the driver of transformation in an accelerating world.

Leveraging Culture – For global competitiveness: Culturally literate leaders who understand the power of diversity, inclusion, and culture, all toward mobilizing people in energizing ways. Cultural leadership is the connector of diverse people in a global world.

Accelerating Growth – For consistent success: Entrepreneurial leaders who make growth a top priority in a competitive world by accelerating innovation, seizing opportunities and unlocking the potential of a dynamic organization. Growth leadership is the catalyst for innovation in a competitive world.

We are entering an age of continuous disruption and acceleration, outpacing our ability to cope with uncertainty and change. People and organizations are at risk for being left behind. Many of us are unprepared for this personal and organizational transformation.This requires a new approach to leading ourselves, teams, and organizations. Building cultures of transformational leaders at all levels in the new competitive advantage.

The world is changing faster than our ability to adapt as we struggle with the six disruptive forces in business: speed, uncertainty, complexity, technology, competition, and globalization. Consequently, there is a growing gap between the people we have and the people we need inside our organizations. And the faster the world changes, the bigger the chasm becomes.

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Unlock your organization’s collective potential and transform the way you do business. We can help you innovate more easily, grow your business faster, and consistently drive profitable and sustainable value.

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Confronted by constant turbulence, today’s leaders are ill-equipped to manage the hazards they now face. Grounded® Leadership focuses on the six personal dimensions that fuel—and refuel—the world’s top leaders.

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Higher performance is within reach. Conscious Leadership accelerates your ability to operate in a perpetually disruptive and changing world.

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