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Leadership is harder than ever. The speed and complexity of an unrelenting marketplace require you to continually reinvent yourself to stay on top of your job. But how do you do that? While there are widely shared frameworks and commonly accepted behaviors that help define what great leaders do, what is missing is a new way of defining what drives leaders from the inside.

The Grounded Leader synthesizes into a holistic framework our insights from hundreds of interviews with executives in dozens of countries with the latest research in leadership, management, neuroscience, psychology, and biology. We believe that the person you are drives the actions you choose to take and determine your effectiveness as a leader. Based on this philosophy, we offer a full complement of development programs, customized curricula, personal development plans, workshops and seminars for leaders at all levels and career stages.

  • Executive Advisory Services
  • The Grounded Leader Profile
  • The Grounded™ Professional Profile
  • The Grounded Leader Personal Development Plan
  • Executive Coaching
  • Emerging Leader and High-Potential Development


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