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Five Traits of a Healthy Leader

5 Traits of a Healthy Leader

The world is changing faster than our ability to adapt.

That was true even before the planet was rocked by a global pandemic. But COVID-19 rewove the very fabric of our everyday existence, delivering a decade of change in a single, terrifying spring. The rate of recent change casts in sharp relief the ever-expanding gap between the leaders we have inside our organizations, and the leaders we need.

To accelerate the development of the Healthy Leaders our world so badly needs, we need to learn how to embrace the following principles:  

  • Everyone is a leader with untapped potential
  • An abundance mindset is the bedrock of possibility
  • Leadership and well-being are holistic and interdependent
These changes require a fundamentally different kind of leader at all levels.
Find out what it takes to make a Healthy Leader.

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