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The Grounded® Leader of the Week Archives - Page 2 of 7 - Healthy Companies International
5 December

Julie Smolyansky’s Passion and Purpose

Key Lesson: Knowledge and credentials are important, but passion and purpose will get you further. This week’s Grounded Leader, Lifeway Foods President & CEO Julie Smolyansky, is no stranger to juggling her life and work. When Julie Smolyansky took the reins at Lifeway in 2002, it was amidst a family tragedy. Her father, who founded the company…

5 November

The Secret to Success – It’s Not What You Think!

We crave success – to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, to get ahead in life and to make a difference. There is a plethora of writers, literature, speakers, gurus, life coaches, business men and women, and even some religions who claim to have discovered a path to success. For some people, these methods…

15 September

Are You a Lifelong Learner?

Summer is over, and after spending weeks free from the rigors of class schedules and studying, millions of kids are heading back to school. In all likelihood, it will take a little extra effort to shake out the cobwebs that grew in the absence of classroom learning. Though some of us have been out of…

6 August

Who are you, really?

“Who are you, really?” When I ask this question, I’m usually greeted with confusion from my clients and colleagues. “What do you mean?” is often their first response. What I mean is, “what parts of yourself do you sacrifice to maintain the carefully crafted façade of a perfect leader, employee, or person?” Understanding lights in their…

4 June

Survival of the Wicked

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Recently, I watched the final episode of Survivor: Cagayan. The winner was Tony Vlachos, the wily policeman who lied and betrayed fellow tribe members throughout the course of the season. Not surprisingly, other cast members castigated him for not telling the truth, making promises that he never intended to keep, voting his comrades off the…

1 May

Listen to Your Body, It’s Telling You the Truth!

When you think about physical health, your first thought is likely about your physique. I’d like to be thinner, I’d like to be beefier, I want to have a toned mid-section. These are common phrases we hear and frequently conveyed messages in today’s media. But physical health isn’t all about your outward appearance – in…

2 April

Spring Cleaning for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

Spring cleaning is a practice the world over. Trees and plants are budding. The days are lengthening. Like every other creature in Nature, we feel a sense of renewal, and, with it, a desire to make our surroundings fresh so they can further enhance our better moods.  So why don’t we make the most of…

4 March

House of Cards Frank Underwood’s Healthy Leadership

Our offices sit directly across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.. Much of our view is just like the opening sequence of the Netflix original hit series, House of Cards. This American political drama series is filled with back-stabbing leadership moves and intrigue. We thought it would be interesting to see if we could find…

17 February

Do Executives Gossip? Let’s Hope So!

If you work in or consult to an organization, you have to be deaf not to hear the whispers, the innuendo, the gossip. Gossip is a natural part of the social fabric, a pervasive part of our human society. And it does serve important social functions. Gossip in the workplace is a central, evolved part…

3 February

Leadership Games: Toss Monopoly, Tune Into Project Runway

If you are a leader working in an organization today, you are constantly riding the competition-cooperation seesaw. You must simultaneously cooperate (to get and keep clients, to get work done) and compete (for internal resources). Leaders who struggle with the competition-cooperation see-saw face constant anxiety, frustration and often career-ending jobs. What’s Monopoly Got To Do…