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The Secret to Success – It’s Not What You Think!

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iStock_000001986775_SmallWe crave success – to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, to get ahead in life and to make a difference. There is a plethora of writers, literature, speakers, gurus, life coaches, business men and women, and even some religions who claim to have discovered a path to success. For some people, these methods work – but only temporarily. There is no holy grail of success, no matter how determined marketers are for you to believe their product offers it.

The one-size-fits-all approach is problematic because every person has a different opinion on what success is. Values, upbringing, education, and experiences of what success looks like in our personal lives dictate how we view success. The goal-based success formulas fail so often because most people want lasting success. But goal-based methods take you to an end-game, not on a journey. Accomplishments are rewarding. Achieving a goal is fun. So many success formulas are made popular for that reason – but the effects are short lived. There’s another part to success that is often missed.

Life is a journey, and so is success. All the work, time, and energy you invest in the pursuit of success makes it truly worth it. It may sound strange, but many successful leaders derive great satisfaction from the struggle itself. “It’s not fun if it’s not hard.” They take the less travelled road. It’s not easy, and that’s what makes it so rewarding.

Why are hard-earned successes more rewarding? To be successful at something, you need to work long and hard; there are no shortcuts. Still, some of the most successful businesspeople we know have found their journey to be as fulfilling as achieving the goal. They relish the pursuit and are not deterred by personal limitations or hampering environments – it makes them work harder.

Work hard on your goals. Try your best, but avoid perfectionism. What will hamper you most is your own self-criticism. Learn from the hiccups along the way. We all fall and bruise our knees sometimes, but it’s getting back up and working through the difficult times that make the destination so amazing.


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