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Press Release: CONSCIOUS The Power of Awareness in Business and Life

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The Power of Awareness in Business and Life

byNew York Times best selling author

Bob H. Rosen, PhD and Emma-Kate Swann

“Outstanding and well-timed in today’s environment, Conscious will help people in all walks of life adapt and thrive in the age of acceleration.” —Brian Cornell, Chairman and CEO, Target

“… Rosen puts his finger on the key to survival: consciousness — being aware of what’s going on around us, so we can take action to adapt. —Mike McGuire, CEO, Grant Thornton LLP

We live in a world of accelerating change that we can either tune out and avoid, or evolve with, lead and transform by awakening and expanding our minds with heightened awareness.

In CONSCIOUS: The Power of Awareness in Business and Life (Wiley; July 18, 2018),

New York Timesbestselling author and psychologist Bob Rosen, PhD and Emma-Kate Swann argue that the state of mind most needed today is not mindfulness, which recharges us, but an awareness that can empower us to adapt to and even lead change. They call this state of mind “conscious.”

Based on research drawn from psychology, biology, management, leadership, neuroscience, and behavioral economics, CONSCIOUS offers a groundbreaking new approach to adapting and thriving in our fast-changing world.

The authors identify six key disruptions that have changed how we work and live—speed, uncertainty, complexity, technology, competition, and globalization. How well you navigate them, they argue, depends on how conscious you are—of yourself, your relationships, and your surroundings. How can you achieve the consciousness that our times now demand?

Rosen and Swann recommend four steps:

  • Go Deep – Harness the power of introspection by getting to know who you are, where you come from, and why you act the way you do;
  • Think Big – Get curious and adaptive: deal with complexity and paradox by learning how to expand your mind, leverage your relationships and networks, and overcome unconscious biases;
  • Get Real – Become more honest and intentional in leadership and life, overcoming the pitfalls of being too safe and cautious while embracing reality, and
  • Step up – Act boldly and responsibly to reach your highest potential: how to champion your higher purpose, stretch people in constructive ways, and be generous in your relationships.

CONSCIOUS is filled with practical advice like this, as well as examples and success stories drawn not only from business, but from the arts, activism, sports, and everyday experiences.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra has built on core values of honesty and integrity as she has risen from the factory floor to the corner office. The Chicago Cubs’ legendary World Series drought was finally ended through President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein focusing the organization back on the human being. Netflix founder Reed Hastings thought big not once, but twice—when he challenged the model of brick-and-mortar video rentals and when he rushed to bring streaming to customers. Oprah Winfrey embodies the principle of Going Deep, while

Elon Musk gets real by consistently looking beyond the status quo.

CONSCIOUS is essential reading for people at every level of an organization and in every walk of life. “Whether you work at Boeing or Apple, the federal government or the state of Utah, run a technology startup or a nonprofit serving the homeless, or work as the head of your household, the ability to lead change is the most important skill you must develop,” the authors emphasize.  The first step of leading change is awareness in action –or in other words, to be conscious.


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About the Authors

Bob Rosen is the founder and CEO of Healthy Companies International, where coauthor

Emma-Kate Swann serves as vice president of leadership and transformation. As an organizational psychologist, Rosen is a trusted global CEO advisor and bestselling author of several books including the New York Times bestseller Grounded). He helps top executives achieve their leadership potential and build healthy, high-performing, and sustainable companies. Bob is a frequent media commentator and has been quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, Financial Times,among others.

About the Book

Title:          CONSCIOUS: The Power of Awareness in Business and Life        

Authors:     Bob Rosen, PhD and Emma Kate Swann

Publisher:   Wiley

Publication Date: July 18, 2018

ISBN-13:    978-1119508458

Hardcover; 272 pages; $26.00



“This book is outstanding. Well-timed in today’s environment. Conscious will help people in all walks of life adapt and thrive in the age of acceleration. We need change leaders everywhere.”

Brian Cornell, Chairman and CEO, Target

“In Conscious, Bob Rosen offers a lifetime of wisdom between two covers. It’s far too easy today to go through life with blinders on, focusing only on tasks at hand and priorities of the moment. His insights into human nature, professional relationships, the importance of listening deeply to others, and his belief in the limitlessness of human capabilities are inspiring and memorable. Highly recommended.”

Michael D’Ambrose, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer,

Archer, Daniels, Midland Company

“Bob Rosen’s timely, well-written new book goes to the heart of what it takes to lead in today’s complex world: being aware of yourself and your surroundings is the essence of sustaining success. The message deserves to be widely read and followed to produce better leaders at all levels for the 21st century.”

Bill George, professor of management practice, Harvard Business School; former Chair &   CEO, Medtronic; bestselling author of Discover Your True North

“Rosen and Swann make a powerful assertion: Conscious is the new smart! They remind us that the foundation for all leadership and performance is the deepening of humanity. ‘Conscious’ taps into our innate wisdom and aligns our head and heart to achieve transformation in our lives. This book is a must read. It just may spark a movement toward a more balanced and meaningful approach to work and life.”

Kathleen T. RossPhD, Chief Administrative Officer, United States Institute for Peace

“In a world of ever-accelerating change, Bob Rosen puts his finger on the key to survival: consciousness — being aware of what’s going on around us, so we can take action to adapt. Leaders who read Conscious will be well-equipped to help guide their teams to thrive in the turbulent years to come.”

Mike McGuire, CEO, Grant Thornton LLP

“Read Rosen’s groundbreaking new book, Conscious! It is your personal roadmap through transformation: Go Deep, Think Big, Get Real, Step Up. The book lays out a compelling, personal, and proven path for adapting into the future.”

Marshall Goldsmith, the international bestselling author or editor of 36 books including

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and Triggers

“In this compelling and practical work, Bob Rosen tells us why being CONSCIOUS is so important. Whether you’re leading yourself, leading others or leading a company, it’s absolutely necessary to learn what it takes to be conscious all the time. The increasing pace of change around us can put our protect and defend mechanisms into overdrive and derail even the best of intentions. Be Conscious to find the light.”

Lisa Mascolo, founder and CEO, Listen, Learn, Lead

Press Release – Download PDF








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