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April 4, 2014 – Grounded Leader of the Week – HBO’s Richard Plepler

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HBO Plepler

Key Lesson:  Seize new opportunities by embracing  uncertainty and cultivating optimism.

CEO Richard Plepler’s leadership abilities are being tested. His company, HBO, sits at the center of a disrupted marketplace and is facing heavy competition. As the mature and profitable industry player, HBO is the one newcomers are aiming to beat.

Whether being poked by upstarts like Netflix or responding to technical meltdowns of HBO GO  or staying on top of the “arms race in programming,” Plepler is not shying away from the uncertainty or the challenges of his job. He is moving HBO forward by embracing innovative technologies and investing in smart content.

Though he’s only been CEO since 2012, Plepler is a long-time executive at HBO and played a key role in showing the world how to build and grow a premium subscription service — and become a global, iconic brand in the process. Far from being complacent in his success or rattled by the competition, Plepler wants HBO to stay nimble and responsive.

“We will not be caught without the ability to pivot.” Seeing opportunity and a compelling future for HBO, he is setting a direction that will transform new ideas into great new programs and, hopefully, into new blockbusters. He also continues to focus on building and deepening HBO’s relationships with the creative community — writers, producers,  directors and movie stars.

This week our Grounded Leader is Richard Plepler for exhibiting the characteristics of a healthy leader by adapting himself to today’s challenging business times and ensuring HBO’s great market reputation.

The Healthy Leader

The Healthy Leader

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