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Agile Cultures Thriving in Uncertainty

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Speed, uncertainty, competition, and globalization are forcing organizations to adapt quickly to the winds of change. To be successful, we need flexible and resilient people and teams to drive change, in addition to agile work environments that support learning, innovation, and energizing work.

What do our organizations require to be agile in a complex world?

BUILT FOR SPEED – The acceleration of work is forcing us to see, think, feel and act faster. This sense of urgency creates excitement and opportunity but also causes burnout and exhaustion.

CONTINUOUS TRANSFORMATION – Every leader must lead for today and tomorrow. This requires a ‘change readiness’ capability by all people, in all processes, across all aspects of the business.

GROWTH MINDSETS – The need to learn faster, expand our minds and rewire our brains for growth is the new proficiency. Staying relevant is what gives people and companies a competitive edge.

THRIVE IN UNCERTAINTY – Stability is an illusion and uncertainty is reality. Getting comfortable with the unknown and the unexpected is critical to navigating in a world of impermanence.

RESILIENCE – Falling down and getting up will be a critical skill in the fast-paced world. Learning to be vulnerable, making mistakes and managing adversity will be key.

To build agile cultures, we need people and teams who can adapt fast, learn well, and thrive in uncertainty. They must be resilient and continuously transform themselves. But that’s only half of it. We also need to create environments that support other people as they grapple with change.

“If we are not going deep, we are not learning and adapting to our environment faster than our competitors. To me, conscious is living in the present, being self-aware, and seeing into the future.”
—Vincent Roche, CEO, Analog Devices

About the Author:

Bob Rosen, CEO, Healthy Companies and Best-selling author of Grounded, How Leaders Stay Rooted in an Uncertain World and CONSCIOUS, The Power of Awareness in Business and Life.

Healthy Companies helps CEOs, executive teams, and managers build and transform high-performance enterprises through consulting, coaching, and learning solutions. If you would like to learn more about becoming an Organization of the Future, please connect with us!

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Bob Rosen, Ph.D.

Bob Rosen, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Rosen is founder and CEO of Healthy Companies and author of 8 best selling leadership books, including Conscious: The Power of Awareness in Business and Life, a Washington Post bestseller. At Healthy Companies, we believe that growth and success lie at the intersection of the personal and the business dimensions of organizational life.

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