3 July

Happy 4th of July: The 21st Century Independent Leader

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The 21st Century Independent Leader First published in Jossey-Bass Business Leader, July 2, 2013. Fourth of July Holiday message from our CEO, Bob Rosen: America’s Independence When we celebrate the Fourth of July, we do more than commemorate our collective independence and birth as a nation. We also honor the independent leaders and thinkers who…

25 June

The Beautiful 21st Century Leadership Mind

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  The Beautiful 21st Century Leadership Mind People who study how people learn, cognition researchers, are worried. Our educational system is not developing and preparing today’s young adults for the work and leadership challenges of the 21st century.  How should we train ourselves to think, to correctly learn about the world, to be a Healthy Leader? Learn How to Push Your Mind to…

11 June

Getting Stuck in Clueless as a Leader

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Getting Stuck in Clueless as a Leader We’ve all been “clueless” at some point in our life, the place where you “don’t know what you don’t know.” When you first became a leader, you were probably clueless about a lot of things. But not for long. Organizations may tolerate a lack of awareness from some…

28 May

Do Leaders Live Longer?

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Do Leaders Live Longer? Leadership is a hard job. You know how stressful it is… never ending deadlines, people demands, constant changes. It must hazardous to your health! But, is it really harming your health? Well, turns out, that’s your choice, actually. Healthy Behaviors Genetics aside, lifestyle choices play a huge role in determining longevity….

13 May

Know Your Hot Buttons

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Know Your Hot Buttons Warning: Your hot buttons can be dangerous to your health. To quote from our CEO Bob Rosen’s new book, Grounded: “Feelings such as fear, anger, greed, envy, pessimism, frustration and shame can sap your energy and distract you from consciously engaging those around you and from focusing on what’s truly important….

30 April

Change in the Fast Lane

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Change in the Fast Lane Perpetual change. Successful companies and their leaders learn to thrive on it. A recent blog from Mozilla (the Firefox browser folks) proudly talks about how they are gearing up for the next chapter and pivoting to mobile. This past week Tech Crunch reported: Firefox OS developer phones sold out after…

16 April

When Smart People Resist Change

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When Smart People Resist Change “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” This saying captures the culture of many organizations these days as they struggle to reinvent themselves, stay competitive, or grow. Why is this the case, when organizations are filled with smart, successful people? Successful people got where they…

26 March

Leading Partners, Friends and Acquaintances

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Leading Partners, Friends and Acquaintances What’s your number one asset as a leader? Your skills? Your education? Your work experience? None of the above. It is your relational capital, your ability to build strong relationships with a wide range of constituents inside and outside your company. Borrowing from an ecommerce taxonomy, your work relationships can…

13 March

Yahoo: Face Time or FaceTime?

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Yahoo: Face Time or FaceTime? Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer certainly unleashed a brouhaha with her recent telecommuting policy change. Reaction from the business media has been swift and loud. Here’s an excerpt from Yahoo’s HR director’s (leaked) company memo: “To become the absolute best place to work, communication and collaboration will be important, so we…