29 May

Quip’s Bret Taylor: Building a Different Type of Startup

Key Lesson:  It’s never too early to envision the culture you want — and to start working toward that goal. As a veteran of both Facebook (where he served as CTO for three years) and Google (where he worked under Marissa Mayer), Bret Taylor knows about the demands of working in a startup environment, and…

22 May

Men on a Mission: Navigating the Complexities of Climate Change

Key Lesson:  Whether you’re herding cats or negotiating a global climate change deal, remembering your higher purpose can help you stay focused on the task at hand. Daniel Reifsnyder and Ahmed Djoghlaf have a lot in common. They have followed similar personal and professional paths, both are passionate about the need to address climate change,…

15 May

Dominic Barton: Leading the Way to Lasting Value

Key Lesson:  In order to build shareholder — and all stakeholder — value over the long-term, we need to recognize and reward managers who take the long view. When Dominic Barton became global managing director of McKinsey, he had some urgent problems to deal with. The firm’s trust-based culture had led to damaging charges of…

8 May

The Adaptable Amy Purdy

Key Lesson:  Limitations are often things we place on ourselves — and sometimes you just have to blow through them.  In many ways, Amy Purdy exemplifies what we at Healthy Companies call Grounded Leadership. Her generous spirit, her emotional and physical resilience, her drive to succeed and her dedication to personal mastery are among the…

30 April

Roger Ferguson: Expertise and Empathy at TIAA-CREF

Key Lesson:  Expertise is an essential building block of great leadership. Roger Ferguson, CEO of financial services giant TIAA-CREF, has an impressive list of credentials and accomplishments. With three degrees from Harvard, including a law degree and a Ph.D. in economics, he was well prepared to take on any number of challenges in his career…

24 April

Mark Benioff: Being Bold on Equality

Key Lesson:  When fairness and equality are at issue, being bold is often the answer. Salesforce.com CEO Mark Benioff does not shy away from any challenge or controversy. As a pioneer in cloud computing, he’s built substantial wealth and influence in the world of tech and beyond. And he doesn’t hesitate to use that clout….

27 March

Pigeonly: Serving the Underserved

Key Lesson:  Opportunity can pop up anywhere. When it does, pursue it! As a true entrepreneur, Frederick Hutson sees opportunity everywhere, so it’s no surprise that the idea for his latest — and most successful venture — was born during a stint in federal prison. And in Hutson’s view, he’s not alone among the prisoner…

6 February

Tom Brady: Hard Work and Open Mind are Secret to Success

Key Lesson:  Be open to new ways of approaching and achieving your goals. As starting quarterback for the New England Patriots, Tom Brady led the team to four Super Bowl wins. But that’s not the only thing that’s come out of his 15 season career with the NFL. With three MVP titles, he’s now tied…

23 January

CEO Eileen McDonnell: Ignore the Glass Ceiling

Key Lesson:  Propel your career by being authentic and sharing your unique perspective with your peers. Our Grounded Leader this week is a trailblazer of sorts. While many women try to behave more like men at work, Penn Mutual CEO Eileen McDonnell embraces her femininity as an advantage. She says she never experienced the glass…

17 January

Michelle Kumbier: The Woman Behind The Harley

Key Lesson: Invest in yourself and others by encouraging lifelong learning; lead by example. This week’s Grounded Leader, Michelle Kumbier, is Harley Davidson’s Senior Vice President of Motorcycle Operations and a 2014 winner of the STEP Ahead Award from the Manufacturing Institute. As a leader, Kumbier’s focus is placed squarely on developing herself and her…