Are you struggling with the challenges of aligning leadership behaviors with your business objectives? You’re not alone. Behavioral change is particularly difficult to achieve when your leaders are geographically and culturally diverse. Until now.

The Accelerated Leadership Lab provides the transformation you want with the scalability and accessibility you need. Unlike traditional programs, this solution is customized to your specific business strategies and leadership initiatives and scales to fit your organization’s size and location. Your leaders will be exposed to the latest science of behavioral change while crafting their own personalized development plans. With on demand resources and real time coaching support, the Accelerated Leadership Lab is available wherever — and whenever — you need it.

Key Features

ALL Icons-06Individualized plan

Participants develop a holistic vision of their individual leadership practice and potential. They will leverage organizational input to develop a framework that aligns with broader strategic initiatives.


ALL Icons-04One-on-one coaching

Your leaders will partner with an individual from our global coaching network – our unique, virtual community of elite business educators who have passed our comprehensive vetting and qualification process.


ALL Icons-01Technology platform

Our state-of-the-art solution was designed with personalization in mind. It can be scaled to fit any organization – no matter your size or geographic location.


ALL Icons-05Knowledge portal

Your leaders will have unlimited access to our knowledge resources – a rich library of videos and articles, including content specific to your organization.


ALL Icons-03Social network

As with all aspects of life, connecting with a larger community makes a profound difference. This experience leverages the power of social networks to encourage peer assessments and stimulate colleague feedback.


ALL Icons-02Measurable results

This experience takes place over a twelve month period, bringing about sustained behavioral changes that positively transform your culture. We provide metrics and evaluations to track both individual and organizational progress.