Rick Auman

Rick Auman has over 20 years of experience in many aspects of strategic organizational development including executive assessment and coaching on the role of global leaders, facilitating systematic organization-wide change, strategic planning, building of high performance teams and effective work relationships. He works with clients and senior team members to assist top-level executives with change management, strategic planning, and critical leadership issues. With a passion leadership, Rick knows that when leaders have clearly articulated values and vision, behave consistently, and pay attention to the people side of the businesses, their companies soar.

Grounded and Conscious Leadership

To thrive in a disruptive and accelerating world we must develop a crucial new survival capability.  It’s the capacity to ground ourselves in the face of disruption and the ability to adapt in an uncertain world.  Grounded Leadership is the capacity to stay strong while reaching your full potential in the winds of change.  Conscious Leadership is the capacity to evolve and change through accelerating yourself and your performance in a volatile world.

LEADING TEAMS in a Connective World

People work more in teams today than ever. Our ability to build and collaborate in networks is the cornerstone to our collective economy.  These teams are built on healthy relationships and courageous conversations. Leading by influence, not authority, is what gains people’s support, alignment, and best work. Collaborative leaders build healthy teams that drive high performance organizations.

LEADING CHANGE in a Disruptive World

Whether in business, government or the non-profit sector, all organizations are experiencing disruptions in their business model. The context of business is changing faster than the ability of leaders to reinvent themselves. Leading change will prepare you for the disruptive world ahead. Develop agile, adaptive leaders who can change all the time.

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