26 March

Three Steps to Developing a Growth Mindset

Everywhere I go these days, business is getting easier AND more complicated. We have access to more information, seemingly unlimited resources and opportunities to succeed. Yet there are more choices, competition comes from everywhere, and it’s tougher to focus and prioritize getting the work done. The world is simply getting more complex. Fortunately, our brains…

19 March

When Multitasking Works

We don’t often think about it, but it is such a gift to be able to be a participant and an observer of a conversation at the same time. As humans, we have this wonderful capacity to be witnesses to our own lives. By observing ourselves in action, we can remember where we’ve been, recognize…

12 March

Seven Tips for Managing Your Work Relationships

What’s your number one asset as a leader? Your skills? Your education? Your work experience? None of the above. It is your relational capital, your ability to build strong relationships with a wide range of constituents inside and outside your company. Borrowing from an ecommerce taxonomy, your work relationships can be classified into three categories:…

5 March

Embrace Anxiety in the Face of Change

Perpetual change. Successful companies and their leaders learn to thrive on it. A recent blog from Mozilla (the Firefox browser folks) proudly talks about how they are gearing up for the next chapter and pivoting to mobile. This past week Tech Crunch reported: Firefox OS developer phones sold out after first few hours on sale….