29 August

The Most Watched Woman in the World Remains a Mystery

Key Lesson: Make time for thoughtful reflection. You may need to be opportunistic — like Yellen at the White House Correspondents Gala — to find the time in your busy day. But this is real leadership work. Our Grounded Leader this week is one of the most watched women in the world. Which explains why this…

22 August

For Pete Frates, It’s About the Cause, Not the Ice Bucket

Key Lesson: Exploit people when you can. Dare people to do the right thing. Don’t be fearful of controversy and keep the spirit of your higher purpose front and center. It’s summertime and the living’s easy. Well, not so easy for this week’s Grounded Leader, Pete Frates. The former Boston College baseball captain and professional…

15 August

One Tiny Drop Changes Everything – Elizabeth Holmes

Key Lesson: Believe in yourself. To make things happen, you have to have conviction. It’s up to you. Are you afraid of needles? It is estimated that some 40-60% of Americans don’t get requisitions for blood work done because of fear of having blood drawn. Our Grounded Leader of the Week admits she hates needles….

8 August

Nick Kokonas knows how to set a table – and an example

Key Lesson: Be curious, think out of the box, expect resistance. Novel solutions to age-old problems come from a combination of grit, insight and passion. Our Grounded Leader this week is cooking up a revolution in the restaurant business:  He wants to change how we make reservations at our favorite eateries.  Nick Kokonas is the…

6 August

Who are you, really?

“Who are you, really?” When I ask this question, I’m usually greeted with confusion from my clients and colleagues. “What do you mean?” is often their first response. What I mean is, “what parts of yourself do you sacrifice to maintain the carefully crafted façade of a perfect leader, employee, or person?” Understanding lights in their…

1 August

August 1, 2014 – Grounded Leader of the Week – Maynard Webb

Key Lesson: You get what you give. The power of giving back reaps tremendous dividends both for you and your company. This week’s Grounded Leader is a Silicon Valley legend. Maynard Webb describes himself as an angel investor, business advisor, mentor and philanthropist. But his real title could be Silicon Valley’s chief evangelist for giving…