24 July
22 July

Think Global. Act Global.

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  Think Global. Act Global. Do you have a ‘global‘ job title? If no, you probably should.Local-Global Tension Work and business are no longer local. If you have a website, you are part of the global economy. You need to be a global thinker. But … as our CEO, Bob Rosen, points out in his…

8 July

Take it Personally. Leadership is Personal.

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  Take it personally. Leadership is personal. Will you be a great leader?  Don’t let anyone fool you. Making predictions about who will be a great leader is quite unscientific. Why? Because dealing with the people side of the business has too much variability, too many emotions, too many exceptions to the rule.Yet there are…

3 July

Happy 4th of July: The 21st Century Independent Leader

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The 21st Century Independent Leader First published in Jossey-Bass Business Leader, July 2, 2013. Fourth of July Holiday message from our CEO, Bob Rosen: America’s Independence When we celebrate the Fourth of July, we do more than commemorate our collective independence and birth as a nation. We also honor the independent leaders and thinkers who…