28 May

Do Leaders Live Longer?

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Do Leaders Live Longer? Leadership is a hard job. You know how stressful it is… never ending deadlines, people demands, constant changes. It must hazardous to your health! But, is it really harming your health? Well, turns out, that’s your choice, actually. Healthy Behaviors Genetics aside, lifestyle choices play a huge role in determining longevity….

24 May

Special Message from Bob Rosen – P&G’s Bob McDonald

For four years Bob McDonald led P&G through some difficult times. On May 23, 2013, he resigned for slower than desired growth and was replaced by his predecessor, A.G. Lafley. Over the years, we have spent time with Bob and A.G. discussing their leadership philosophies. Both are healthy leaders. In Bob’s case, he was a…

13 May

Know Your Hot Buttons

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Know Your Hot Buttons Warning: Your hot buttons can be dangerous to your health. To quote from our CEO Bob Rosen’s new book, Grounded: “Feelings such as fear, anger, greed, envy, pessimism, frustration and shame can sap your energy and distract you from consciously engaging those around you and from focusing on what’s truly important….