At Healthy Companies, we view leadership and transformation as a deeply personal act that must understand the whole person and the whole organization. Leaders must anticipate and leverage disruptive forces, focusing their organizations on creating products and services that customers love, unleashing the hearts and minds of their associates, and building a distinctive, high-performing organization that creates enduring value.

 We believe that growth and success lie at the intersection of the personal and business dimensions of organizational life.

YOU Model


In helping organizations with the Business Dimension, we focus on strategic alignment to a higher purpose, common strategy, and shared values that must work together to help leaders drive consistent performance improvement at every level of the business. By focusing on the Personal Dimension, we cultivate grounded leaders at every level of the organization. We do this by helping leaders understand who they are as individuals, building their capabilities and accelerating behavior change for performance improvement.

Our Advisory Services team helps leaders at all levels to focus on strategic alignment, transformation and behavior change to drive improved performance, outperform competition and unleash the human energy lying dormant inside the company. Key services include:

〉〉  Executive Team Alignment
Many leaders fall into the trap of assuming their executive leadership team is fully aligned. They assume the absence of disagreement indicates alignment and ownership of the firm’s strategies and priorities. Yet, even a “mostly aligned” team can derail an organization, create confusion and disengage employees and teams.

〉〉  Change and Transformation
One of the most difficult challenges for executives and managers is leading change and transformation. We often know the ‘why’ and ‘what’ to change, but stumble on ‘how’ to achieve it. Leaders and organizations can be liberators or hijackers to change. That is why mastering the human side of change is the true catalyst for enduring transformation.

〉〉  Growth and Innovation Leadership
Leaders who act as catalysts exist within most organizations today. Though some leaders innately understand their role as innovator, catalysts can also be developed. Our programs provide a comprehensive methodology and roadmap for developing leaders to enable and achieve organic growth and foster innovation inside their own organizations.

〉〉  Accelerated Leadership Lab
The Accelerated Leadership Lab provides the transformation you want with the scalability and accessibility you need. Unlike traditional programs, this solution is customized to your specific business strategies and leadership initiatives and scales to fit your organization’s size and location. Your leaders will be exposed to the latest science of behavioral change while crafting their own personalized development plans. With on demand resources and real time coaching support, the Accelerated Leadership Lab is available wherever — and whenever — you need it.