5 February

The Power of Positive Emotions – Nando Parrado

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When he was twenty-three, the plane carrying Nando Parrado and his rugby teammates crashed in the Andes Mountains. Seventy-two days later, survivors of the crash were rescued from the wilderness after Parrado and a teammate trekked the dangerous mountains to find help. Not surprisingly, the group’s survival created a sensation around the world, spawning a bestselling book, […]

16 December

Tough and Tender – The New Leadership

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Have you ever found yourself working your butt off and not accomplishing what you want? Revenue growth is slower than you would like. Clients and customers are not closing deals fast enough. New products are slow in the making. Bonuses look slimmer than last year. How do you make sense of all this? Shouldn’t there […]

7 October

The Secret Sauce to Success!

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Everyone is looking for the secret sauce to success. I have personally spent the past thirty years traveling around the world searching for the recipe. Though I can’t say that I’ve found the leadership equivalent of the Holy Grail, I have noticed that the most successful leaders among us have a very distinct way of […]

2 October

Global Food Companies: Serving Up Sustainability

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Key Lesson:  Solutions to some problems transcend competition — and demand a unified approach. Earlier this week, the CEOs of ten global food companies — many of them longstanding competitors — released a joint letter calling upon world leaders to act swiftly and decisively to address climate change. The letter was the focus of a […]

25 September

Where is the Leadership in Controlling Healthcare Costs? Utah!

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Key Lesson:  Sometimes leadership requires asking simple — yet radical — questions to which there may be no easy answers. It’s been a tough week for anyone trying to understand the economics of healthcare in America. Martin Shkreli, a hedge fund manager turned pharma entrepreneur, bought the rights to the critical drug Daraprim, and then […]

15 September

Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

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Everywhere I go these days business is getting easier AND more complicated. We have access to more information, seemingly unlimited resources, and opportunities to succeed. Yet there are more choices, competition comes from everywhere, and it’s tougher to focus and prioritize getting the work done. The world is simply getting more complex. Fortunately, our brains […]

11 September

Queen Elizabeth: Reigning with Resilience

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Key Lesson:  Ritual and discipline can actually increase our ability to improvise and reinvent ourselves. In her classic HBR article on resilience, Diane Coutu argues that resilient people share three distinct characteristics:  Facing down reality, searching for meaning and ritualizing ingenuity. This week, Queen Elizabeth became the longest serving monarch in British history. A big […]

4 September

Eileen Fisher and the Aesthetic of Sustainability

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Key Lesson:  Aligning your business practices with your vision of the future can create a powerful force for change. When Eileen Fisher started designing clothes in 1984, she wasn’t particularly interested in creating or leading an enterprise. She was interested in designing clothes that were simple and beautiful. Even today, Fisher says, “Design is what […]

21 August

Middle Management Saves the Day

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Key Lesson:  When experiments fail, be quick to acknowledge the facts and move on. Like any good CEO, Ryan Carson is interested in creating an environment where workers are happy, engaged and productive. And like many CEOs, he experimented a bit when he founded Treehouse Island, an online coding school based in Portland, Oregon. At […]

14 August

Heavy Metal with a Higher Purpose

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Key Lesson:  Great leadership is sometimes quiet and courageous. Heavy metal music — and the bands who play it — are usually associated with anarchy, destruction and a certain brand of counter-culturism. In his new book, Dark Days: A Memoir, lead singer and lyricist Randy Blythe reveals an impressive set of core values that forces us […]