Healthy Companies is an aspirational global leadership company. Our mission is to help CEOs and executive teams build healthy, high performance companies. Through consulting services and learning solutions we unlock organizations’ full potential to create sustainable value, accelerate transformations, foster growth and innovation, and align and execute the human side of business.

Based on over 25 years of advising, coaching and studying hundreds of CEOs and their organizations in dozens of countries, Healthy Companies has developed a dynamic framework to unleash the capabilities of people, teams and organizations to maximize business performance. We believe leadership and culture are the leading drivers and indicators of tomorrow’s success.

In today’s business environment, leaders at all levels — across industries, sectors and geographies — are confronted by powerful, disruptive forces that are making their jobs more challenging than ever. Simply put, the world is changing faster than the ability of leaders to transform themselves and their organizations. 







These forces include the pace of speed, the puzzle of uncertainty and complexity, cynicism and transparency, competition and globalization. They require a fresh approach to human strategy, leadership development and cultural transformation. Healthy Companies offers a full complement of consulting services and learning solutions to help you tackle these disruptors head-on.